2018 Events

1. K. R. Girish - Recent Trends in International Tax , January, 2018, Bangalore.

2. Dr. P. Shome - Contours of Tax Design, London School of Economics (LSE), Taxation Seminar, 19th February, 2018, London.

3. Dr. P. Shome - Income or Consumption Tax?, 4th Asia-Pacific Regional Tax Conference, International Fiscal Association (IFA), 19-20th April,2018, Taipei,Taiwan.

4. Dr. P. Shome - Biannual Graduation Event, Advanced Diploma of International Taxation (ADIT), Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT), 3rd May,2018, London.

5. Dr. P. Shome - Multilateral Instrument (MLI): An Indian Perspective, 4th IBFD Africa Tax Symposium, 9-11th May,2018, Mombasa, Kenya.

6. Dr. P. Shome - Treaty Abuse: Analysis and Domestic Legislation on GAAR in India, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS), 16th May,2018, London.

2017 Events

1. Dr. P. Shome- "Budget and Beyond. What Next for Indian Economy" - Budget Discussion Harvard Business School Alumni Club, 23th February, 2017, Bangalore.

2. Dr. P. Shome- "Reflections on the FY18 Union Budget" - Madras Institute of Development Studies (MIDS), 27th February, 2017, Chennai.

3. Dr. P. Shome- "International Tax Conference on Changed Paradigm of Tax Bases and Tax Administration" - Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BCIC), 3th and 4th March, 2017, Bangalore.

4. Dr. P. Shome- "Gearing up to GAAR-The New Regime" - The Society of Auditors, The Chartered Accountants Study Circle, 11th March, 2017, Chennai.

5. Dr. P. Shome- "Book Release" - Development and Taxation: 60 Critical Commentaries,By Parthasarathi Shome, ASSOCHAM, 17th March, 2017, New Delhi.

6. Dr. P. Shome- "India and the OECD BEPS agenda" - Deloitte, 20th March, 2017, Mumbai.

7. Dr. P. Shome- "Panel Discussion on GAAR and PoEM" - PricewaterhouseCoopers, 23th March, 2017, Bangalore.

8. Dr. P. Shome - "Recent Tax Reforms and the Road Ahead- An Analytical View" - Merchants Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI), 7th April, 2017, Kolkata.

9. Dr. P. Shome- "Taxation & Financial Reforms in India" - Bangalore International Centre (BIC), 26th April, 2017, Bangalore.

10. Dr. P. Shome- "Transparency and the Brave New World of Information Exchange" - TAXAND, 4-5th May, 2017, Germany.

11. Dr. P. Shome - Implementation of BEPS : Role of Multilateral Instrument (MLI) and other BEPS Approaches, Foundation for International Taxation ,
7th - 9th December , 2017, Mumbai.

12. Dr. P. Shome - 25th Anniversary Board of Directors Meeting - ITIC, 9th - 10th November, 2017, London.

2016 Events

1. Dr. P. Shome- "Beyond Tax Policy" - The Forum on Economic and Fiscal Policy- Royal Tropical Institute, 13th May, 2016, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2. K.R. Girish - "Emerging business model post BEPS" - ICAI International Tax Conference, April, 2016, Mumbai.

3. Dr. P. Shome - "Group of G20" - ITIC Diplomatic Dialogue Luncheon for Asia, House of Lords, 10thMarch,2016, London.

4. Dr. P. Shome - "Board of Directors Briefing and Dinner" - ITIC, 31st October, 2016, London.

5. Dr. P. Shome - Conferencia "Transformacion tributaria en India, simplificacion"- CESICAM, University of Externado of Colombia, 3rdOctober, 2016, Bogota, Colombia.

6. Dr. P. Shome "Board of Directors Briefing and Dinner"- ITIC - 31st October, 2016, London, United Kingdom. More Details...