Conduct Research and Analysis on important tax matters including those relevant to India:

  1. Undertaking extensive economic and statistical studies on multiple aspects of taxation rules and regulations in India includingexamining their appropriateness and completeness.
  2. Benchmarking the taxation rules and regulations in India with other countries and to highlight the impact of tax policies on global competitiveness of business enterprises.
  3. Studying the efficacy of tax regulations and incentives on the Indian economy and suggesting changes for realizing India’s economic potential and enhancing global competitiveness.
  4. Examining and suggesting measures for removing taxpayers’ challenges in compliance and adverse perceptions;enabling efficient tax administration reforms;and preventing tax evasion.


Generate the impact analysis of direct and indirect tax regulations in India which affect trade, commerce and industry in the context of:

  1. Technology Disruption and Changing Business Models.
  2. Enhancing the Global Competitiveness of Indian industry.
  3. Tax Administration and Governance around areas like litigation and ease of compliance.
  4. Implementation of emerging and progressive tax regimes like Goods and Service Tax.
  5. Other matters impacting the economics of tax policies and administration.


Provide a neutral forum for Intense Public Debate and critical discussion on the research reports and impact analysis so that technically sound and field–tested tax policies could be recommended to the appropriate stakeholders.


Engage with the policy makers in India, at the Centre and States, to enable the framing of tax policy and legislation.


Be a Forum for Policy Makers to seek on matters requiring regulatory impact analysis and discuss the measures to improve the tax environment in India by providing clarity on the intent of regulations, avoiding litigation and bringing about certainty.


Collaborate and co–operate with tax committees of international policy recommendatory bodies such as OECD/UN which play a vital role in making suggestions on international tax policy. To play an active role in the deliberations of these committees by analysing data and providing feedback.


Engage with international organizations such as the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation, International Fiscal Association, The International Monetary Fund, The World Bank, BRICS Bank and regional multilateral banks to comprehend and contribute to the discussions on global tax issues.


Conduct seminars and conferences to deliberate on tax matters and disseminate the international tax challenges.


Nurture and evangelize tax research in India and be a catalyst for building tax research and analytical capability in tax practitioners and executives including conduct of structured training courses to students and professionals on international and domestic taxation.